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Monthly Archives: April 2015

7 Science-Based Study Tips to Ace a Test

7 Science-Based Study Tips to Ace a Test Studying is one of the hardest parts about college life right alongside paying the bills, staying healthy, and trying to convince your parents that you’re not there just to party your head off. (Honest!) There’s no shortage of advice for studying, most of which involves “buckling down” […]

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Brock University Off-Campus Housing : Money Saving Perks

University is expensive! Tuition and books cost a lot. When you are considering Brock University off-campus housing options, price is important, but finding something affordable can be tricky. Don’t just consider the price of rent. Factor in these perks to determine which apartment, house, or loft provides the best value.   Go Green – When […]

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Brock University Student Survival Guide: Dessert Edition

When you’ve got your own place off campus, people are going to want to hang out with you. Why? Well for one thing, you’ve got your own furniture. No more sitting on the floor or piling on a bed. And for another thing, you’ve got your own kitchen, and can wow people with awesome (but […]

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10 Exam Survival Tips for Brock University Students

It’s that magical time. Summer is in sight. You can almost taste it. There’s just one thing standing in your way.   Finals.   Make that two things. Finals and studying. Lots and lots of studying. It’s daunting, but it doesn’t have to be brutal. Here are ten study tips from The Social U to help you […]

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